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Cool SUP Accessories: ConnexSUP

Constructed of recycled, reinforced polycarbonate, the ConnexSUP system is a set of plugs that are installed into the deck with 3 interchangeable inserts: Standard Tie-Down, Threaded insert, and a Camera Mount. All of the parts in the system are flush with the deck so there’s no interference with the fancy footwork sometimes needed to counter wind, chop, wake, gators or just about anything needing a quick adjustment.

The main plug is designed with internal splines that enable you to set each insert at up to 8 different positions, one every 45 degrees. This is a critical feature for any kind of journey, from the weekday morning search for the perfect Instagram post to the 7-day trek well off the grid, allowing for ideal flexibility in packing gear, positioning GPS or training devices, or your camera for that perfect shot.