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Cool SUP Accessories: Sun Protective Apparel

Lifestyle brand BUOY WEAR has brought a water sports apparel line to market that makes protecting one’s skin while on the water easy-breezy due to the use of lightweight, moisture wicking, abrasion resistant and waterproof fabrics with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50.

Following its success with the innovatively new floating hat, which launched in 2017, BUOY WEAR has been developing apparel among other products, such as floating sunglasses. The apparel line evolved after receiving many requests and positive feedback on the brand’s branded hoodies used as rash guards by the team. “We wear BUOY WEAR branded UPF 50 hoodies for sun protection and promoting our brand at the same time while out on the water doing what we love,” said BUOY WEAR founder and CEO, John Ruffing. “When more and more water sports enthusiasts started to notice and request these shirts, it became clear they were looking for more sun-protective gear to wear on the water. We had to set the development of apparel in motion.”

All BUOY WEAR products reflect the brand’s motto to “never sacrifice function and never sacrifice style”. BUOY WEAR’s first apparel style, the High Performance Long Sleeve Rash Guard, is not only comfortable and stylish – the UPF 50 feature blocks harmful UV radiation, making it the most effective sun protection. Yes, even more effective than sunscreen, as water and heavy perspiration cause sunscreen products to lose their effectiveness. In addition, sunscreens can be harmful to the natural surroundings. What’s more, the High Performance Long Sleeve Rash Guard’s lightweight, moisture wicking fabric keeps one’s upper body comfortable all day long and dries quick. Without the inconvenience of reapplying costly sunscreen, one can enjoy more time on the water.