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Danny Ching and Annabel Anderson Claim the Carolina Cup Titles

The Carolina Cup is the first event on the newly formed SUP Champions Tour agenda and one of the toughest and most challenging events in the US. It gathers experienced riders from all over the world that need to fight through difficult conditions on the 13-mile open ocean course.

In the Men’s division, Danny Ching had to battle Jamie Mitchell and Georges Cronsteadt. He was able to slowly reel them in the choppy side wind, beating them and claiming the title.

In the Women’s division, Annabel Anderson dominated the race. Although Jenny Kalmback and Lina Augaitis put on a serious fight, Annabel managed to cross the finish line in front of them.

Carolina Cup final results:


1st: Danny Ching 2:23:56
2nd: Georges Cronsteadt 2:24:32
3rd: Travis Grant 2:25:01
4th: Chase Kosterlitz 2:25:47
5th: Jamie Mitchell 2:28:17
6th: Matt Becker 2:28:45
7th: Chuck Glynn 2:29:10
8th: Slater Trout 2:29:15
9th: Lincoln Dews 2:29:30
10th: Toby Cracknell 2:30:38
11th: Ryan Helm 2:32:54
12th: Connor Baxter 2:32:54
13th: Chance Fielder 2:33:41
14th: Rob Rojas 2:34:23
15th: Larry Cain 2:35:41
16th: Thomas Maximus 2:35:53
17th: Belar Diaz 2:36:50
18th: Jeramie Vaine 2:37:19
19th: Mo Freitas 2:38:07
20th: Ryan Murphy 2:38:09


1st: Annabel Anderson 2:49:13
2nd: Jenny Kalmbach 2:49:19
3rd: Lina Augaitis 2:49:24
4th: Sonni Honscheid 2:50:27
5th: Brandi Baksic 2:55:40
6th: Kelsa Gabehart 3:01:00
7th: Morgan Hoesterey 3:01:59
8th: Fiona Wylde 3:05:18
9th: April Zilg 3:08:15
10th: Helga Goebel 3:09:07
11th Mini Crash 3:14:40
12th: Bailey Rosen 3:19:36
13th: Mary Anne Boyer 3:21:41
14th: Kate Lewis 3:21:55
15th: Aimee Spector 3:23:37
16th: Kimberley Sutton 3:26:02