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Dave Kalama Joins Imagine Surf as VP of Design and Innovation

Dave Kalama is one of the most prestigious watermen ever. He is a skilled surfer, windsurfer and big wave rider. He is also one of the pioneers of modern SUP. Back in the 90s, Dave together with his friend Laird Hamilton introduced water sports fans to the magic of stand up paddling. Dave is dedicated to develop this sport all over the world and has worked with top shapers to craft high quality boards that will improve the SUP experience of all riders out there.

Dave Kalama has recently joined Imagine Surf as Vice President of Design and Innovation. Imagine Surf is part of Neil Pryde, one of the largest water sports gear manufacturing companies in the world. The company, based in San Clemente, California, crafts high performance SUP boards. As VP of Design and Innovation, Dave will be in charge of all creative aspects of product development and innovation such as research, design and development. He will also become the Imagine Surf ambassador.

Gregg Chisolm, Imagine Surf is proud to have Dave on the team: “It has always been our mission to be a leader in stand up paddling. Dave popularized stand up paddling and made it possible for all of us to enjoy this great sport. He is an innovator in the true sense, and it will be an honor to work with him toward our goal of achieving innovation in our products and growing the sport of stand up paddling globally.”

Dave is also proud to be part of a team which promotes innovation and performance in SUP: “It is important to me to team up with a company that not only shares my philosophy, ethics and authenticity, but also my goal of designing high performance and accessible equipment. With support from Imagine I will have access to resources that I can use to develop and experiment with new designs, construction methods and all of the elements that go into designing innovative boards that are performance driven,  easy to ride and fun.”