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Dave Kalama Presents the Imagine Angler

The Angler is a blow-molded hollow plastic SUP board designed by Imagine Paddle Surf, a company well known for manufacturing versatile, affordable, durable and great performance boards. And renowned athlete Dave Kalama knows this board is awesome.

The Angler is 11’ long by 30” wide and crafted of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic. As a matter of fact, the whole board is recyclable itself. The bottom of the board has a displacement style hull and exaggerated channels to make it run through the water very efficiently straight, while the size and shape are optimized to make it very stable and maneuverable.

It features a carrying handle, a bungee secured cargo bay and a flip-up backrest in the back side, 2 carrying handles on the side and footholds and a larger cargo hold in the front.

You can check out the board’s features in the clip below. Enjoy!