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Dave Peterson Fights Shark with Paddle

Dave Peterson, a pioneer of SUP and a renowned shaper is lucky to be alive after facing an eight to nine foot shark in the waters of Kanaha Beach in Central Maui, while out for a SUP session the other days. Dave was standing to catch a wave called the “Boneyard”, when he was bumped into the shark. The shark attacked, biting the board.

The SUP athlete and shaper did not freak out and managed to push the shark away by beating it with the paddle, as he relates: “It wasn’t letting go of my board, so I grabbed my paddle and I started beating it over the head with the paddle, and it let go. It swam by me and I had to push it away, and then it swam off.”

Dave alerted the lifeguards about the presence of the shark after reaching the beach: “I feel bad for my friends who were out there surfing because after I told the lifeguards, they had to close the beach, and the waves were really good.”