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The Doctor Comes to an End

The Doctor, the first of the Oceanpaddler World Series of events, which took place at Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia this weekend has ended. The event was a success and gathered a huge audience and famous competitors like Jamie Mitchell, Sam Parker and Travis Gran.

The weather was not exactly what the audience and the competitors expected, but the competition was awesome.

Here are the final results:

Paddle Race:

1. Tim Jacobs (Aus) 1:50:10
2. Jasper Mocke (SA) 1:50:44
3. Dawid Mocke (SA) 1:51:54
4. Michael Booth (Aus) 01:52:20
5. Bruce Taylor (Au s) 01:52:46

Women’s Race:

1. Ruth Highman 02:15:36
2. Claire Duncan (Aus) 02:24:02
3. Kylie Broad 02:35:01

SUP 14′ Race:

1. Connor Baxter 02:46:52
2. Sam Parker 02:49:31
3. Kelly Margetts 02:55:05
4. Bart Dezwart 2:57