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Down the Maliko Run with Zane Schweitzer

Join Zane as he breaks down what is happening during his foil run on the Maliko track. It is really interesting listening to Zane speak about different lines to take, how to connect bumps, foil speeds and aspects ratios, pumping and just having fun.

A quick word from Zane: “During this SUP Hydrofoil Downwinder I rode my AK 1300 HA Foil with Starboard 4ʻ6" Wingboard. Nice mellow cruise down the coast with this AK Foil. Was stoked how the HA 1300 felt with lots of lift an comfort while navigating the swells and bumps while having great low-end lift getting the board to flight from paddling into the swell. It wasn't as fast as Kaneʻs foil but was able to get up off the water with much less effort and early on in the wind line. Great foil for a easy and fun surf style downwinder while also a great choice for foil surfing in the waves and pumping. Not the fastest foil but great lift, pump and easy comfortable rides!”