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ElectraFin – Electric Propulsion for Your SUP Board

ElectraFin is an innovative universal electric motor kit for standup paddleboards, longboards, and kayaks designed by Seattle based company Current Drives LLC, It is the first device of this kind, and it can turn your SUP board or other craft you use into an electric powered one.

Current Drives LLC launched the ElectraFin and their inflatable paddleboard for pre-purchase orders on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo last week. Michael Radenbaugh, the inventor of the ElectraFin and President of Current Drives LLC came up with the idea to create this new propulsion system after he saw a gap in the market for an affordable electric conversion kit for standup paddleboards and kayaks. Here’s what he says: “I wanted to build a low cost and universal electric conversion kit to make any personal watercraft into an electric vehicle.”

And he succeeded. The ElectraFin is very easy to install and can be fitted onto most boards and kayaks on the market. It is controlled with a wireless remote connected to user’s wrist or paddle. The electric motor propels kayakers and paddlers for six hours on a single charge, allowing them fight against current and wind and go further than before.

The product is scheduled for release this summer, but you can pre-purchase the Current Drives ElectraFin via this link.