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EuroSUPA Rulebook for 2012 Is Available

EuroSUPA (the European SUP Association) is a nonprofit organization, founded by European SUP riders for European SUP riders. It has the purpose to support and promote SUP across France and Europe and encourage all people to learn this great sport.

Like any other sports organization, the EuroSUPA functions according to some rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are gathered in the EuroSUPA Rulebook. The EuroSUPA committee has just revised and has published the latest version of the Rulebook.

The Rulebook provides information about the 2012 events and competitions, technical regulations, insurance requirements and other important regulations and information.

If you are a European SUP rider registered with the European SUP Association, you must read and comply with the EuroSUPA Rulebook regulations. You can get the EuroSUPA Rulebook by checking the Rules and Publications section on the EuroSUPA website. At the same time, make sure to check back once in a while, as the EuroSUPA Rulebook is subject to changes during the season.