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Fanatic Presents the Falcon Race SUP Board

If you are a SUP racing fan, you will love the new Fanatic Falcon Race. The board is designed by Aussie paddler Adam Quinn in collaboration with Sebastian Wenzel. The board is created to handle less than perfect conditions and to offer exceptional stability and speed.

During a race, the boards have to cut through wind chop, competitors chop and all kinds of imperfections in the water surface. And the new Falcon Race does that and it does it with style.

The board features more stretched, parallel outlines and wider piercing nose which supply extra lift, a faster bow action to climb chop and white¬water and a steadier paddling platform. The narrower profile allows a fast, rounder, more efficient bottom shape enhancing the longer waterline and continuous, clean-water release rocker. A special deck spine is used for quick nose release and water dispersion and a flat deck in the stance section keeps the rider steady and comfortable.

The 2013 Fanatic Falcon Race SUP Board takes racing to a new dimension, but you’d better see it in action in the related videos section below. Enjoy!