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Fantastic Tidal Bore SUP Ride in Papua New Guinea

Riding a tidal bore has become something that most riders hunt these days. And we can understand why. Only a few tidal bores in the world are large enough to navigate and get noticed. The Digul River in West Papua New Guinea offers such a tidal bore phenomenon.

And Australian Kai Bates had the chance to ride the river during the tidal bore in his latest adventure. It was all about excitement and exploration including a two day plane trip, eight hour car rides and long boat journeys, and all this with very cool riders and crew.

The ride on the Digul River was not only amazing, as the tidal bore produced a clean, three- to five-foot river wave that was perfect for shredding, but also quite dangerous, since the waters of the river were infested with crocodiles.

Check out Kai Bates’ exciting adventure in the clip below.