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F.A.S.T. – Innovative SUP Steering Tech by SIC

The mission with the new and patented F.A.S.T. (Foot Actuated Steering Technology) was to revolutionize the same steering that SIC created in the beginning. The new system is focused on durability, reliability, serviceability and flexibility.

“This year one exciting thing that we are coming out with is the new Foot Actuated Steering Technology, which is an improvement on our current steering system,” said Mark Raaphorst, SIC Founder and Master Shaper. “After all the long hours of design, research and development, FAST takes controlling and navigating your paddleboard to the next level.”

It features a hot-swappable tiller arm that can quickly and easily be swapped for goofy or regular footed paddlers. To improve on the safety features we minimized the mechanical components, changed cables to push-rods and added multiple fail-over systems should you encounter a problem with the system on the beach or at sea.