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Finless Stand Up Paddle Surfing Fun

Most people use dedicated fin setups on their board when they go out on the waves to enjoy a nice SUP session. Well, when you want to experience a little challenge and add some thrill to small and tight point break rides, you might want to take the fins off. Doing that will definitely make the small sloppy beachies rides a lot cooler.

Riding finless opens the door to a complete new set of tricks and moves, but also reduces grip, so you need to have a good balance in the waves and some good skills too. You can also ride backwards and sideways easier. The finless rides can also be great training for your paddle technique.

To see what we are talking about, check out the video below. It stars Arnaud Frennet, a dedicated SUP athlete, riding finless in small waves in Punta de Lobos, Chile. He shows you how the small waves can become a great challenge and fun experience.