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Floatski – Walk on Water

It all started in ancient Egypt, 6,000 years ago, with Horus walking on water in the netherworld. After Horus we have a whole parade of gods, Persian Mithra, Etruscan Usil, even half-God, Orion, son of Poseidon was able to perform this miracle. Then we have Jesus, and ninjas with their device called mizu gumo.

In modern times we didn't create any new Gods, magicians took over completely. This surreal display of Gods and magicians, this may be an explanation to why we don't have walk on water devices.

Floatski is the first product on this currently non-existing market that enables the user to walk on the surface of water. It’s reasonably fast - normal walking speed 3-4 miles per hour, stable, and easy to use. It’s also a slightly eccentric workout and looks great on pictures (this is what we call instagram friendly).

Floatski is based in London and plans to start locally on a small scale, in 2021. When finances allow them to expand, the direction of their expansion is obvious - United States. The land of beautiful weather, and the biggest market of similar products, stand up paddleboards, and surfboards.

The Floatski will be offered in three different sizes, for kids (probably number one hit in the future) females and males XL. They even have a next generation in the queue: running on water. The main mechanism has already been tested, but it takes time, from a working concept to a ready to use product.