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Foil SUP Surfing with Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter

SUP Foiling gains momentum with each day. This new SUP surfing trend is considered by many to be the next big buzz in sport. Major brands in the industry are focusing on this new discipline.

Starboard is entering the market with the Go Foil, a foil specifically designed for stand up paddle surf and race boards. The versatility of this foil will surely bring innovation into the industry.

Starboard riders Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter have already tested the prototypes and are impressed. Zane Schweitzer: "I've been completely addicted to the feel and serenity of foiling since experiencing with it windsurf and sup back in January!" Connor Baxter: "This is all I want to do!"

Check out the two of them as they put the Go Foil to work in the cool clip below.