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GenRation to Launch New Line of Performance SUPS

GenRation (GR) is a heartfelt collaboration between ocean-enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and champions of past, present and future. GenRation embodies the waterman lifestyle inspired by self-betterment and next-level performance. The team is on a satisfying journey to create better sustainable and quality waterman products in conjunction with world-class surf, paddle and wellness experiences.

GenRation has partnered with legendary board manufacturer Sunova Surfboards to create a ‘GenRation Edition’ line of boards that define next-level performance. This dynamic duo has set the bar with the highest performing stand up paddle (SUP) surfboards and accessories. Soon to come are a line of traditional surfboards and foilboards that are designed to take your surfing to new heights.

“The personal goal of becoming the best stand up paddle surfer in the world has led to the creation of boards that have allowed me to be the best surfer I can. These boards are those boards.” – 2018 APP World Champion Sean Poynter.

“I have never performed at this level in surfing before. I credit GenRation for this success by not only providing the best equipment I have ever ridden, but by also being the best team I have ever been part of!” – USA team member and Pan American Games Bronze Medalist, Daniel Hughes.

But wait, there's more! GenRation Xperience (GRXP) is where the waterman experience comes to life. GRXP is a rebranding of the popular SUP ‘n’ Surf Retreat (, but now with a full lineup of surfing disciplines (shortboard, longboard, SUP, foil) where you can receive personalized world-class coaching in tropical destinations across the world. Blended with our equipment you can be sure to accelerate your skills faster than ever.