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George Jax Intros the Jax Trailer

Carrying the large SUP board from the vehicle to the water without hassle seems to be a problem for merely every SUP fan. If you can’t get your vehicle close enough to the water edge, you’ll probably get tired carrying the board or you can scratch it or damage it unintentionally. George Jax has come up with a solution to fix this problem: the Jax Trailer.

The Jax Trailer was created after almost two years of research and development. George designed this special SUP trailer in his garage. The prototype was crafted from scrap metal, some hardware and wheels from his daughter’s bike. The prototype has been refined with the help of his son Kyle and it will be available soon on the market. The Jax Trailer is easy to use, light and can carry the board and paddle without hassle on all terrains. It keeps the gear safe from damage and the rider in shape for a great session.

Here’s what George and his son think about it: "We are very passionate about the stand up paddleboard industry and support the progression of the sport. Our biggest supporter is Joe Bark, iconic paddleboard shaper and industry leader. Joe said that, 'The Jax Trailer is the best stand up paddleboard carrier I have seen' […]Our competitors have all designed their products to carry the board flat, forcing the user to pull or push the board with their fingertips. Being paddlers ourselves, we found that type of carrying position to be quite uncomfortable. Transporting a SUP should be identical to carrying a surfboard under your arm. A stand up paddleboard after all is just a scaled up version of a surfboard, not a kayak. Furthermore, the Jax Trailer has superior construction with quality materials to guarantee that it's a reliable product."

Joe Bark together with the Jax family and the Jax Trailer will be present at the Battle of The Paddle in Southern California at the end of this month and if you are there you can see the “SUP wheels” at work. Until then, you can check the Jax Trailer in action in the clip below and find out more info about it on the Jax Trailer website.