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Get Ready for the King of the Cut

In a year where nothing can be taken for granted, SUP Western Australia (SUPWA) is thrilled to confirm the 2020 Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut will go ahead on Saturday 5th December 2020, a 24-kilometre downwind paddle race from Dawesvile Cut to Secret Harbour, about an hour south of Perth.

The Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut (KOTC) has always been a stand up paddle (SUP) specific event, but after years of asking and for the first time, SUPWA has opened up the race to surf skis. KOTC chairman Greg Kerr said that most downwind events around the world were specific to Surf Ski, Prone Paddle Board or Outrigger, with SUPs as an add-on.

“The Stand Up Surf Shop King of the Cut is the only downwind event in the world that started as SUP only and has developed to include other craft,” says Kerr. “COVID has caused many compromises, and when we heard that The Doctor surf ski race was cancelled, we contacted the Indian Ocean Paddlers (IOP), the group that runs several great local downwind events for skis, and asked if their paddlers would like to compete in the KOTC - they were super keen! It’s all about sharing this amazing stretch of coast that has the longest downwind runners in the world,” says Kerr.