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Get Ready for the Standup Word Series Finals at Turtle Bay

Oahu’s North Shore will be hosting the Standup Word Series Finals at Turtle Bay this weekend (12-13 October). It is one of the most competitive SUP challenges in years, as both Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny can become the 2013 champs. Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter are the favorites for the world title, with Casper Steinfath and Zane Schweitzer battling for the overall third place in the 2013 Series.

On the women’s side, Annabel Anderson has secured the 2013 series title and will be doing a victory lap as she had a flawless 2013 ‘course‘. Annabel can only technically lose the title, if she drops from the race or gets injured, things that we don’t want to see happen.

The World Series Finals will turn Turtle Bay into the scene of an amazing SUP show this weekend. Don’t miss it. If you can’t attend the competition in person, you can Tune into the World Series Finals live from Turtle Bay this weekend at