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Glide for Freedom with Sarah Hébert

Sarah Hébert is a true waterwoman. She loves windsurfing and Stand up Paddling, as well as other water sports and she is dedicated to promote them worldwide. She recently ended an amazing Amazonian SUP expedition, after more than 10 days shipping and a week of immersion in a community of incredible richness.

It was a journey with a purpose, that of making a special documentary, showcasing the life of the locals and their relationship with the river, but also to signal the danger threatening the Amazonian amazing biodiversity. Sarah paddled along the Rio Tapajos to encounter the Mundurukus communities and discover the threats to the environment.

Her project represents one of the most unique adventures in the middle of Amazonia. Check out the highlights from her trip in the related videos section below. It is just the teaser of a long series to follow.