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Help the Making of a New SUP and Cultural Documentary

At the beginning of this year, a team of four friends embarked on an epic journey to Allahabad, India for the Kumbh Mela festival, the largest gathering of people on earth. This festival takes place only once at every 12 years and gathers over 100 million pilgrims on the shores of the Ganges River.

The aim of the trip was to attend the festival, walk with the masses, connect with the culture, and feel the power of one of the world’s “purest” paths to enlightenment. The guys embarked on a 140-mile SUP journey down the Ganges from the Kumbh Mela to India’s most sacred city, Varanasi.

As a result of their journey, they are starting the work at Kharma Bums, a documentary movie that will depict this four-week cultural journey of ups and downs, music and noise, dancing, and splashing, as the team uncovers the beauties and realities of the sacred river.

The documentary has been shot, and the team has over thirty hours of beautiful footage, but is lacking the funds to bring it to life. To do that, they need your help. A small donation can help them transform this project into reality. To do that, please visit the Kharma Bums - Cultural Adventure Documentary page on fundraising platform.