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Imagine Surf Acquired by Pryde Group

Pryde Group or Neyl Pryde Ltd. operates and owns the famous NeilPryde, JP Australia and Cabrinha brands. The group was founded in the early 70s’ and it was solely manufacturing sails for yachts at that time. Slowly, the Pryde group becomes involved in the water sports industry and starts manufacturing and distributing all kinds of sails, boards and accessories for these sports. Today, it represents one of the most appreciated and famous gear brands in the industry of water sports.

Imagine Surf is one of the leader companies in SUP boards manufacturing. Their team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of any SUP enthusiast out there.

The Pryde Group has recently acquired Imagine Surf. This acquisition will help allow Imagine Surf to focus on the design and innovation of Sup boards, while the Pryde Group will handle manufacturing and sales on the worldwide market. Imagine Surf officials mentioned that the Acquisition will not affect the structure of the company, but will definitely improve the quality and performance of their services.

Corran Addison, founder of Imagine Surf stated: “I suppose this marriage was inevitable. The more closely we worked with Pryde Group and the vast distribution network it has, the better things went for us. It made sense to use the Pryde Group’s manufacturing power as well as their sales and distribution network.”

Neil Pryde, Pryde Group MD added: “This operation perfectly fits into our long-term growth strategy. Imagine is a well established SUP brand with a strong presence in North America and the best possible partner for us to strengthen our involvement in SUP and other paddle sports.”