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Inspiring SUP Yoga Session on the Joyride

As the guys at Boardworks say, this beautiful video below will inspire you to try SUP yoga yourself. It features Skye Rainey as she gracefully flows through yoga sequences on the Joy Ride 10’11 SUP while the world floats by.

Yoga is a daily routine for Skye, and practicing this discipline on a SUP board is both a challenge and a reward, as she states: “Doing yoga on a stand up paddle board provides more of a challenge for your core and balance than you could ever get from practicing on a mat. The Joy Ride is an excellent board because its width allows for stability at all levels and the soft pad creates a comfortable and very enjoyable practice in the water […]Yoga on the water is such a unique feeling… I love it!  The next day I paddled out in the ocean to the kelp beds and did my yoga practice surrounded by seabirds and dolphins… absolutely amazing!”

And the board is one of the most important parts of a successful SUP Yoga session. The Boardworks JoyRide 8’11 9’11 or 10’11 are highly recommended for this discipline, as they provide great stability and are easy to paddle out to your desired yoga destination in the water be it a quiet cove, ocean kelp beds, or a sirene lake. The full pad on the Joyride makes this board the perfect SUP Yoga tool.

Check out the video and try a SUP Yoga session by yourself the next time you have the chance. It is relaxing and inspiring.