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‘It All Started with Love’ Confesses Gerry Lopez

American surfer, shaper, journalist, and film actor Gerry Lopez is a living legend in water sports world. Nicknamed Mr. Pipeline, Gerry is widely recognized as the best tube rider in the world and dominated the Pipeline Masters competition in 1972 and 1973. The competition would later be named the Gerry Lopez Pipeline Masters.

Talking about his career and achievements would take lots of time. It suffices to say that he is a true blood waterman and a pioneer of SUP industry among others.

The guys at the Waterman League had the chance to sit down with Mr. Pipeline for a quick interview a few days ago and discussed all things SUP, his love for yoga, and life in general. You can check out a little snippet from that interview where the Zen Master offers up a little sage advice on what is most important in SUP and in life below.