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Izzi Gomez Launches Signature Fins

By signing with 3Dfins and releasing her signature “the Izzi’s” 5 fin set, Izzi Gomez becomes the first woman in Surf or SUP history to receive her own signature set of surf fins.

The 16 year old champ said “Once I tried the dimple technology I was hooked. It’s not a gimmick on a golf ball, and it’s the same for a surf fin cutting through water. You will feel the difference in these fins.”

The technology behind this “wave breaking” hydrodynamic innovation is scientific, but understandable. The dimpled surface reduces drag more than a smooth surface because the water passing over the smooth fin separates and whirlpools back at the fin, creating drag and slowing surfers down.

By signing Izzi, 3Dfins now sponsors both Izzi and Giorgio (Izzi’s older brother) as part of their team. After adding Jamie O’Brien last month the “boutique” fin company is having a dramatic impact on the industry, simply by putting dimples on fins. And putting champions on custom-finned boards.