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JP Presents the Surf & Surf Wide Body

The idea behind the new 2015 Surf and Surf Wide Body boards is that we all would love to ride those 8‘0“x26“ boards with 90 liters as they turn incredibly radical, Well, the new Surf and Surf Wide Body boards take the concept further and offer exceptional paddling performance without being on a wave.

The 2015 Surf and Surf Wide Body boards feature short, compact shapes which are very stable and offer immediate success in the waves. The Surf excels in bigger and more challenging waves, while the Surf Wide Body performs great in smaller waves and beach breaks. Both boards can accommodate intermediate to expert riders.

But we’d better check out the clip below to understand their features. Shaper Werner Gnigler explains the advantages and differences of the 2 SUP wave shape concepts, SURF and SURF WIDE BODY and pro riders Keahi de Aboitiz, Kauli Seadi and Jason Polakow take them for a spin.