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Kai Lenny and Izzi Gomez Claim the Standup World Tour Huntington Beach Pro Titles

The final day of the Standup World Tour Huntington Beach Pro was marked by a drizzly, gray weather. However, the weather did not manage to keep the riders from performing at their best. Kai Lenny claimed his second SUWT victory this year, while Florida's Thirteen-year-old Izzi Gomez claimed her first major women’s win.

The semifinals were packed with action. Kai Lenny eliminated Sean Poynter in a wave-starved heat, while Brazilian Caio Vaz took down Mo Freitas with an amazing backside buzzer beater. On the women’s side, Vanina Walsh went down swinging to Gomez, while Candice Appleby took down French talent Caroline Angibaud.

In the women’s final, Izzi Gomez pulled off a couple multiple-maneuver waves and managed to defeat the much more experienced Candice Appleby. At the end she said: “It feels amazing to win. I went into the final expecting second place. I’ve surfed against Candice a few times before and she’s always won because she’s such a good competitor. I felt like the ocean was on my side.”

In the men’s final, Kai managed to be in control throughout the entire time. The two six-plus rides, including one lofty punt Kai performed did not give Vaz the chance he needed to fight back. At the end, Kai said: “I’ve always wanted to win a contest at Huntington. Conditions were really hard but we were really able to make the most of it. Stoked.”