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Kai Lenny Nails the Sunset Beach Pro Title for the Third Time

Sunset Beach Pro, the first event of the 2013 Stand Up World Tour series, proved to be exceptional. The powerful surf conditions were perfect for a magical contest. Elite riders from across the world showcased their talent and determination in the waters of Oahu, Hawaii.

The competitors put it all on the line in the maxing conditions, providing spectacular rides, heavy wipeouts and drama. Sunset Beach once again legitimized itself as the ultimate opener for the Stand Up World Tour.

Kai Lenny proved to be the best rider, winning the 2013 Stand Up World Tour Sunset Beach Pro for the 3rd time and proving once again he is a complete ocean athlete. Soon after winning the event, Kai thanked all of his fans for the support on Facebook: “It was an epic day! Thanks everyone for all the support! I am thrilled to be on the best SUP Team in the world!”