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KIA @coldhawaii World Cup: Day Five, SUP Session

After running a super session on day four of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup, the organizers ran a community SUP session on day five of the aforementioned competition. The conditions were ideal for a SUP session – the powerful winds calmed down and the waves kept pumping.

A grand total of 19 riders signed up to compete in the SUP session. These included windsurfing pros, local riders, and a SUP pro (Naish-sponsored Casper Steinfath). The competitors were divided into four man heats and each competitor had fourteen minutes to show off his best tricks. The two riders with the best two waves got to advance to the next round.

Unsurprisingly, the SUP pro Casper Steinfath won the SUP session. Kauli Seadi put up a fierce fight, but couldn't beat Caster, so he took second place. Danny Bruch put on quite a show and shredded the waves like a pro, but that only got him third place. Finn Mullen took fourth after struggling to find a decent wave.

KIA @coldhawaii World Cup Community SUP Session results

  • 1st - Casper Steinfath
  • 2nd - Kauli Seadi
  • 3rd - Danny Bruch
  • 4th - Finn Mullen


On day six of the KIA @coldhawaii World Cup the King of KIA competition will take place. The PWA riders will get to pull a KIA Sportage over a short distance; the goal here is to see which PWA rider is the strongest.