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Kumo Board to Launch Inflatable Balance Board

Balance Boards have been around since at least the 1950s. Today they're more popular than ever as a fun and effective way to develop and maintain coordination, core strength and of course, balance.

But because they’re made of wood and hard plastics they can be intimidating to use for kids, novices and seniors and lack adjustability to match different skill levels, rider sizes and types of use. They're also uncomfortable for uses besides standing and are too bulky for convenient transport and storage. We set out to solve these challenges by reimagining what balance boards are made of, what they can do and who they're for.

A year and half of prototypes, testing and fine tuning later and Kumo Board was born. The patent-pending design and high-pressure inflatable technology make the board, roller and air cushion soft and user-friendly, unlike any other balance board on the market.

Inflation is easy with any bike pump, electric car tire inflator or air compressor, while deflation is simple using an included deflator. Adjusting the inflation level allows users to customize the board, roller and air cushion to their skill level and size. A wide range of settings are possible using various configurations of the air-filled board, roller and cushion, each lending themselves to various activities.

The guys at Kumo have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the development of their product, and we hope to see it in production soon.