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Kyron and the Chocolate Factory

Hailing from Tasmania, Kyron Rathbone is one of the most talented and daring SUP riders today. The people from that relatively little island off the south coast of Australia are a hearty, hard-charging breed and this feature also defined Kyron’s character. He loves to charge the most challenging waves and manages to tackle them with style. Kyron is also part of the Fanatic International team, a team dedicated to the Sport of SUP. 

Kyron set for a Malaysian adventure a while ago. He charged the Benak Tidal Bore in Sri Aman/Malaysia in an incredible session. Kyron surfed the area between Bakong and Sri Aman for the first time ever and set the record for the Benak: a 28 minutes ride on Cadbury Rights.

It was a nice adventure and it was all caught on tape. You can check out Kyron’s amazing ride in the related videos section below.