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Leco Salazar Wins Stand Up World Tour Title

Brazilian rider Leco Salazar, the son of surf icon Picuruta Salazar, claimed the Leco Salazar at the Location X Finals in the British Virgin Islands. All of the hard work during the 2012 season has paid off in the end and everything worked out fine for the Brazilian SUP rider in the battle taking place at Location X.

The challenge at Location X was fast paced and packed with action. Kai Lenny was defeated by Keahi de Aboitiz in the quarterfinals, leaving Sean Poynter and Salazar in the running. The two of them met in the semi-finals where Salazar eliminated Poynter.

Leco put his skills and talent to work, scoring 9.5 and 7 for a combined heat total of 16.5 in the fun, shoulder-high waves and claiming the title.

At the end he said: "I got here under pressure knowing that I had to win to be crowned champion, but everything went right. I am very happy. Me and Caio were happy to be in a final surfing together. We're great friends and we had a lot of fun catching waves."

Stand Up World Tour final rankings:
1. Leco Salazar (BRA)
2. Sean Poynter (USA)
3. Kai Lenny (HI)
4. Robin Johnston (HI)
5. Caio Vaz (BRA)
6. Justin Holland (AUS)
7. Benoit Carpentier (FRA)
8. Arsene Harehoe (PYF)
9. Mo Freitas (HI)
10. Peyo LIzarazu (FRA)