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Man’s Best Friend Loves SUP

Trained by Boardworks Team paddlers Mike T and Haley Mills, Shredder aka Shred Dog has been on the 2012 SUP tour paddling all over the US venues. He is totally into SUP and feels right at home out on the water. Shredder is not your usual rider, but a cute pup, trained in the art of SUP surfing.

His latest adventure on the water took him to San Diego, California for a cool flatwater session. You can see Shred Dog in action on the Boardworks Joyride and SuperNatural in the clip below. It is really fun.

A lot of SUP enthusiasts have been riding together with their pet friends lately. When riding with your furry friend, safety is very important. You might want to equip it with a safety vest and apply some special pads on the board.