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Mariele Guerrero to Circumnavigate Nova Scotia on SUP

‘Why the extreme? Why push the boundaries and limits?’ are the questions that keep recurring when it comes to large-scale stand-up paddleboarding endeavours. With Blackfish Paddles supporting ambitious and record-breaking SUP expeditions (The Great British Paddle 2020, Nymboida SUP descent and The Long Paddle 2021, to name just few), we have a unique opportunity to discover the drive and motivations behind some of the toughest SUP attempts.

“Intuition is a powerful thing. So if you constantly feel drawn to something, maybe there’s more to it than just a silly dream,” says Mariele Guerrero, the SUP athlete, activist and adventurer behind Expedition SUP Mi’kmaw’ki, a 2000km SUP (stand-up paddleboard) journey that aims to circumnavigate the entire coastline of Nova Scotia over a period of approximately two months, from June 2021 – August 2021.

A quick word from Marlene: “My motivation to explore is rooted in a desire to make authentic connections to place and experience things from a different perspective. Wilderness spaces have so many stories to tell and so much wisdom to share when you make yourself vulnerable to them. Even spending a week in the backcountry greatly deepens my understanding of a place, its culture, the way I interact with it and how I could do better. When it’s over I’m always left wanting more.”