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Maui Waterman Finishes Epic SUP Journey

Bart de Zwart is 42 years old and a dedicated waterman. He loves the ocean and the water sports. He is known for completing a nonstop SUP trip from the Big Island of Hawaii to Kauai last summer. This year he has a bigger goal. He has set on a journey on the North Sea, from the UK to his homeland, Holland.

This was a daring adventure, since the distance he had to travel is of approximately 100 miles and Bart wants to travel without making any stops or without any assistance. It is the first attempt of this kind anyone dares to make. He traveled aboard a 14 foot Sup board and packed several gadgets and supplies to keep him safe.

Part of his supplies included an Eprib, which is a locator beacon with a GPS, GPS devices and maps, smoke signals and flares, compasses, a cell phone, clothes and of course food and hydration packs.

Bart departed on his Journey on the 30th of May and his departure was covered by Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder Courant. His journey was estimated to take about 20-30 hours, depending on the weather conditions. The people expecting him to arrive at Zandvoort were concerned, as mist and wind came up at the time he should have reached the coast. But Bart arrived safely in Zandvoort at The Spot Watersport Center and everyone was happy to see him safe and sound.

We congratulate him for his incredible journey and can’t wait to see what his next adventure looks like.