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Mike Simpson Sets on Amazing Connecticut River Adventure

BIC SUP ambassador Mike Simpson has been surfing his entire life and when introduced to stand up paddleboarding it was the perfect hybrid of kayaking and surfing for him. He felt in love with this great sport and has paddled countless miles and introduced hundreds of people to it.

He is also a man of great challenges. A couple of days ago, Mike embarked on an amazing 400 mile SUP expedition down the historic Connecticut River. His journey began in Stewartstown, NH at the Canadian border and will take him all the way to Old Lyme, CT where the river drains into the Long Island Sound. And he will paddle the entire course without support, but we are sure that he will manage to succeed. After all he is known his 2,000 mile epic journey from Key West, FL to Portland, ME to raise awareness of ocean pollution and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

A quick word from Mike: “I’m excited to get back on the water for a multi-day trip […]We’re planning for 12 days on the water, meaning we need to average over 30 miles each day.”