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Mike Tavares and Dan Gavere Ride Sternwheeler Waves

It is no doubt that Mike Tavares and Dan Gavere are two of the most progressive and talented SUP riders today. They compete in world class events and are two complete athletes. Once in a while they love to perform some crazy stunts.

And the latest stunt they performed was to ride behind a sternwheeler. Sternwheeler produce lively waves as they shred the water and the two of them took advantage of one of the greatest sternwheeler waves in the country as it passed through the Columbia River Gorge. This sternwheeler produces standing waves that can be ridden for up to 2 hours a cruise.

It was a fun and exciting experience and the two of them thanked the captain for allowing them to enjoy the ships’ waves. You can check out their entire adventure below.