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Mistral to Introduce an Innovative Paddle Design

The Mistral team has been busy this summer. They are preparing the 2013 lineup and try to come up with innovative concept that will take the industry to a new level and improve the riding experience of any water sports enthusiasts.

And one of their concepts includes bowed paddle shafts. This new paddle shape is thought to have many advantages by the Mistral crew. And all of these advantages will be revealed at the Stand Up Paddle Expo in Nürnberg this September. So far, we know that the new paddle features a high quality carbon fiber structure and precision engineered blades. We can’t wait to see it in action.

Here is what Markus Perrevoort, Mistral team rider, has to say about it: "The most sensational is the 'bent' bow shaft. We took the concept by integrating canoe racing and stand up paddling to the limit. Unlike the paddles currently available on the market, the 'bend' in the Mistral shaft allows for a total and perfect grip for all five fingers holding the shaft. The bow shaft also provides more efficient paddling due to the fact that the blade of the paddle touches the water closer to the nose of the board. Thanks to the 'bent ' in the bow, the upper hand pressure of the paddler is reduced, allowing the paddler to develop more pressure and ensuring that the body to weight ratio of the paddler is closer to the board. But that's just the beginning; you'll have to wait and see what's unveiled at the SUP Expo in Nürnberg."