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Mo Freitas and Candice Appleby Crowned King and Queen of the Beach

The Santa Cruz Paddlefest took over the West Cost this weekend, as the world’s best riders showcased their skills in a series of amazing competitions.

Candice Appleby, World Champ Izzi Gomez, Fiona Wylde and Halie Harrison advanced to the final rounds of the Elite Surf competition, where they traded waves and put on a clinic of progressive SUP surfing. Candice Appleby proved to be the best, claiming the title.

Tucker Ingalls, Giorgio Gomez, Brennan Rose and Dave “The Brown Blurr” Boehne battled in the men’s final, where Brennan Rose claimed victory in the SUP surf Elite. However, Mo Freitas was considered the top overall performer.

The prize money and the most prestigious titles of all - The SUP Mag King and Queen of the Beach Award - went to Mo Freitas and Candice Appleby, the top overall performers in both the race and the surf contest.