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Morbihan Paddle Trophy Re-Scheduled for 2021

Initially scheduled for June 13 and 14, 2020, the SNSM Morbihan Paddle Trophy was planned by the organizers for the end of September, but the conditions could not be met. The implementation of such an event indeed requires having the certainty, vis-à-vis the partners as well as the participants themselves, of not having to give up at the last moment.

The seventh edition is already scheduled for June 5 and 6, 2021 still in Auray Saint-Goustan, with the renewed confidence of its partners as the development of Standup Paddle is constant. This growth, which cannot be denied, occurs at all levels, from beach leisure to high competition through the regular practice of amateurs who, more and more numerous, have achieved the enormous health and fitness benefits of what asserts itself as the sport of our time.

Already considered one of the biggest national events in this discipline, the SNSM Morbihan Paddle Trophy should come back stronger in 2021. It will always include tests intended for the National Elites, for solid amateurs (Raiders) to more relaxed amateurs (Leisure) and to young people, as well as a "Great Water Walk" open to all. To meet the societal need to live different moments together, the organization will develop festive and sporting times in 2021 for the general public, for businesses and for the municipalities of Morbihan.

In a year, the SNSM Morbihan Paddle Trophy wants to be, ever more, the great gathering of the world of SUP and to continue its solidarity commitment towards the SNSM and its 8000 volunteers, formidable safety actors for paddlers as for all sailors. The organization also thanks its partners for their understanding and support.