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A Morning on Maui with Zane and Friends

After an incredible 2014 season on the pro scene, Zane Schweitzer needs to relax and have fun once in a while. He finished both the Stand up World Tour and World Series in the fifth position and achieved some incredible results throughout the year.

Well, Zane knows that relaxation is important, but can’t stay away from the waves for a long time. And after all, water sports are a great way to unwind. Just minutes away from the Schweitzer residence, Matty, Elena, Zane and Shelby gathered a few friends for an early morning Paddle.

As the wind starts to pick up Zane throws a sail on his 10'5" SUP board with the windsurfing attachment! Overall it was a very fun session. And it was captured on tape via drone by Matty Schweitzer. Check out their adventure below.