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Naish Announces the 3rd Hellenic SUP Cup

The third Hellenic SUP Cup presented by Naish Greece is about to start. The CUP consists of five stops, each of them taking place through beautiful Greece. The first four stops represent the qualifying races for the final stop, which will take place inside the historic Corinth Canal.

The Hellenic SUP Cup is open to everyone and all rides are invited to join, regardless of their skill level, gender or age. Pro as well as amateur riders are welcomed to join, compete, have fun and win cool prizes.

Hellenic SUP CUP Calendar:

- The 1st stop takes place at Andros Aegean Island on the 7th of July
- The 2nd stop will be in Loutsa on the 28th of July
- The 3rd stop will occur on the non-sleeping island of Ios, also in Aegean Sea, at the famous Mylopotas Beach on the 24th and 25th of August
- The 4th stop will take place in Lotusa on the 29th of September
- Th5 5th and final stop will take place on the Corinth Canal on the 20th of October. It will be a SUP Speed Crossing of the canal, a race which will determine the champs.