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Naish Intros the ONE SUP board

The ONE is a new SUP board designed especially for recreational touring. It is a very user friendly board which makes SUP accessible to riders of all ages, genders and skill levels. The ONE board can be regarded as an excellent all round board for flat water conditions, but also as a competitive board for racing events. Although it is very stable and easy to use, it is fast and sharp.

All of the board’s aspects have been optimized to offer unmatched performance to all riders out there. As the Naish team says, the ONE “has the right length, width, and volume to be accessible, fun, and fast for paddlers of any ability or weight.”

The ONE is an inflatable board, crafted using only top quality fabrics to assure a rigid, lightweight and highly durable structure. The board comes as a complete package, with Canavas carry pack, Repair kit, Removable center fin and High pressure gauge pump.

Check out some photos of this incredible board in action below.