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Naish Presents the Malolo SUP Hydrofoil

SUP foiling was something many considered a joke not a long while ago. But SUP evolves and SUP Foiling is the next step in the evolution.

The guys at Naish recently introduced a very versatile SUP Hydrofoil, called the Malolo. designed by Alex Aguera from Go Foils, the Malolo is a crossover between a stand up paddleboard, and a foiling system used in windsurfing and kiteboarding.

The systems works very easy: once you take a few paddle strokes and find a good glide, the foil does the rest.

Kai Lenny confirms the efficiency of the Malolo SUP Hydrofoil: “The first time I stepped up on the foil and did a downwinder I instantly saw a glimpse of the future. It was more fun that it was work and, for me, that was something I chased in any sport. It truly felt like I was just standing there and walking on water, but going 20 miles per hour. I have never gone that fast downwind in my life.”

Check out Kai as he puts the Malolo to the test in the clip below.