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National Coastal Cleanup Day Brings Together McNamara and Cousteau

The guys at Body Glove SURGE, the first proven all-natural energy shot are partnering with two ocean experts for the National Coastal Cleanup Day. More precisely with pro rider and big wave icon Garrett McNamara and Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Michel Cousteau who operates the Ocean Futures Society nonprofit, one of the most recognized and respected international environmental groups.

The aim is to clean up Florida beaches and promote environmental responsibility for National Coastal Cleanup Day. It will happen on the 20th of September. The beach cleanup event will be hosted at hundreds of sites, including Broward, Escambia, Hillsborough, Volusia and Palm Beach.

Jean-Michel Cousteau, the world-renowned conservationist said: “I have dedicated my life’s work to communicate to people of all nations and generations my love and concern for our planet. Our oceans today are under siege and local involvement is critical if we are to reverse this trend. Florida, with the second largest coastline in the United States, is a natural leader for this effort.”

And Garrett McNamara added: “The ocean is my second home and I am thrilled that Body Glove SURGE has taken the lead in sponsoring this vital cause. This event will raise awareness on the importance of protecting our waters.”