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A New Fly Race Board by Fanatic Is Available

The new Fly Race board manufactured by Fanatic is intended to cover all aspects of SUP racing. The board features a domed nose and a smooth tail rocker which provide a very fluid drive. The Fanatic Fly Race excels in lakes or open ocean waters and can even be used in surf conditions.

The new 12’6” also has a long waterline which assures a smooth glide and effortless handling. The new board is similar in shape with the previous version of Fly Race 12’6” x 30,5” board, but it features a new visual style and it is engineered using a new technology. The board is crafted using three types of wood and a special shaping technology.

The new Fly Race board will be available in February, but you must hurry if you want to get it, because it is available in a limited quantity.

Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic Brand Manager about the new board: “We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and optical highlights, so we could not resist adding this very exclusive new edition to our line up. The shape is identical to our best seller Fly Race 12’6” x 30,5”, but visually another world altogether, for anyone who enjoys stand alone products, this is their board!”