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Night Shift SUP with Alex Mauer

Colorado’s Alex Mauer is one of the most daring and determined Stand up Paddle athletes today. He loves to paddle wherever he can, in rivers, lakes and the ocean. But his true thrilling passion is challenging the unpredictable river waves.

He co-founded the Colorado River Surfing Association a few years back and helped organize some of the first surf comps in Colorado’s history. And he is also a great ambassador for the sport of SUP.

Well, Alex decided to take the SUP experience to a new level and ventured to surf the river waves at night. He mounted the Nocqua lights system onto his board and started riding. As he says, the lights add a greater element of adventure, plus it's really cool lighting up the wave, although it’s pretty hard to surf with those lights hooked up to the haul of the board, because they created drag.

We sure think that night surfing is a very cool experience. And you can get a taste of what’s all about in thanks to Alex Mauer. Just check out the clip below.