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Noah Voecker-Roche Joins Fanatic's International Team

12-year old Noah Voecker-Roche from Lanzarote made it to Fanatic’s International Windsurfing & SUP Team, the equipment manufacturer was glad to announce today, January 11th, 2011. Thanks to the Fanatic sponsorship Noah has more chances to work on his windsurfing skills while using some properly good gear. The fact that he already speaks 4 languages will come in handy as he travels with the Fanatic Team.

Fanatic explained that Noah has been using Fanatic boards for a while now and he has been using them at the Fanatic The Boarder’s Center (FBC) in Lanzarote. FBC employee Russell Groves is the one who trained Noah for the past few years.

“I’m very happy to welcome Noah to our Fanatic International Windsurfing & SUP team,” said Fanatic Brand Manager, Craig Gertenbach. “I am watching him since a while already and he was highly recommended by Russell Groves, who works for Fanatic The Boarder´s Center Lanzarote and also trained him for the last few years. For sure Noah is a big talent who can grow together with the brand. Noah, we wish you all the best and keep on ripping!!!”

Noah’s other sponsors are NorthSails and his parents. His motto is: “Surf as you live and live as you surf.”

For additional information on Noah check out his Fanatic profile and his website.