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PADL Starts Seedinvest Campaign

South Florida based start-up, PADL, is now accepting investments online with a recently launched campaign on SeedInvest. PADL is the first company to bring water sports into the Sharing Economy, with their self-service & automated paddle board rental stations. Their patented proprietary technology makes it easy for riders to seamlessly rent a paddle board from their smart device & get out on the water.

This past year, they more than tripled their locations, with stations now webbing the state of Florida. “In this COVID-era, we’re really seeing just how badly people want to safely get outdoors, and our unmanned stations provide them the perfect opportunity to enjoy the water, while still social-distancing and feeling comfortable”, says CEO Andres Avello. He says this trend is here to stay, as they ramp up to launch an additional 50 locations in 2021.

Each PADL station is self-sustainable, operating 100% on solar energy and remote management. The stations house 4 smart-paddle boards equipped with GPS and Bluetooth technology. PADL’s low operating costs allow them to offer the best hourly rental prices on the market to their riders, and convenient monthly memberships for locals.
The Paddle Boarding community now has the unique opportunity to take part in their success. You can learn more about their offering on SeedInvest & find them online at